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Tambola Star Game Features

Easy Install

Easily can install by downloading this game. You can play this game with well performed Devices.

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App is easy to download from play store or Official Website.Create profile via facebook or Registration.

Play the Game

This game you can play with you friends. you can challenge with your friends and can Earn Coins and you can redeem coin in your paytm wallet.

Reedem Coin

By playing Tambola Star you can Earn Coins and can redeem in your wallet.

Checkout App Features

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Visit our website and click on download now tab to get app on your phone for free. Sign up or login to play


How to play a live game?

Once a player has purchased the ticket, he/she has to enter the contest before it begins. As soon as the live contest starts, a number will pop up on the mobile screen. If the same number is present on the ticket too, user needs to tap on the number to claim it. To win Early 5, 5 numbers on your ticket must be tapped. It is the fastest 5 numbers you have on your ticket before other players. To win any particular line, all the numbers of that particular line should be tapped. To win the corners, 1st and last number of 1st Line and 1st and last number of Last line should be tapped. To win a full house, all the numbers on the ticket should be tapped. To claim the prizes user must click on the prizes mentioned on game screen at bottom and click on claim prize Button to claim. Prizes can be claimed only on First cum first serve basis. At any single time if multiple user claims same prize then the amount will be distributed equally among those users for that Prize.


How to Transfer cash to account?

Once a player wins a particular prize in any contest, the winning amount will be transferred to the players ‘Winning Balance’ immediately. Applicable TDS will be automatically deducted before transferring to player’s winning Balance, for any winnings above INR 9999 in a particular contest. Once a player receives the winning balance in the account, he/she can place an instant withdraw request of the desired amount which will be added to the bank account of the player. Instant withdraw will be applicable only for any amount between INR 100-9999. Any withdraw placed above INR 9999 will go to for a manual request to the payouts team. Only after successful KYC verification, winnings will be released to the players account.

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