1. VBMT SPORTS takes great care to obey all central and state legislation in India to ensure that our users are fully protected. Every contest on our Platform is carefully designed to obey applicable rulings and guidelines in India.
  2. The Contests hosted by VBMT SPORTS on the Platform are all Games of Skill where the success or/and performance of the Users depends predominantly upon their superior knowledge, training, attention, experience and adroitness (“Games of Skill”) in playing the game. „Games of Skill?, under Indian law, are excluded from the ambit of gambling legislation including, the Public Gambling Act of 1867 (PGA) and other state enactments except in the Restricted Territories such as Assam, Odisha, Telangana and Nagaland.
  3. Therefore, individuals residing in Restricted Territories should not participate in any Contest offered on the Platform. Any participation by such individuals shall be at their sole risk and discretion and VBMT SPORTS shall not be liable to refund or reimburse any injury or damages suffered by such individuals.
  4. VBMT SPORTS reserves the right to monitor all activities from the User?s Account on the Platform. If any User participates in any Contest in violation of any central and/or state law(s) in India, VBMT SPORTS reserves the right to cooperate with law enforcement agencies of the relevant state and report such participation or/and suspicious activity along with all relevant details of the concerned User.
  5. VBMT SPORTS does not support, endorse or offer to any User „games of chance? for money. Each Contest available on the Platform has clearly defined Contest Rules. All Users are encouraged to read, understand and follow these rules to be successful in these Contests. VBMT SPORTS shall not be liable if Users do not adhere to the Contest Rules or otherwise engage in gambling or betting activities on the Platform.